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Before Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code,

Before Dan Burstein's Da Vinci Code Decoded...

there was, "The Seed of the Dogwood Tree"





















































 Text Box: $ 22.00 US (plus shipping and handling)  ISBN# 1589820061
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Su Terry Metapsychology online
“Do you like Mystery, Fiction, Folk Lore, History, Templar legend, apocalyptic novel.

 Nancy Eaton
Seed of the Dogwood Tree is a very fascinating and unique book.  The author uses skill and imagination to create a very compelling plot.  This book will keep the reader turning the pages.  The story is well developed and the book is well written.   We look forward to the next book by Greg Cicio.

 Kathryn Lively
...In the realm of 'end-times' novels, Seed of the Dogwood Tree works in that it offers a unique twist to the story - author Cicio offers a fascinating fictional account with the cloning and genetic angles... a dramatic faith thriller.

 Rachel A Hyde
At first it sounds like the sort of tale that might feature Indiana Jones but think again – this novel has more twists and turns than a switchback.  Blending elements of science, religion and legend together like the strands of a tapestry...

Mary Davidson - Freelance Reporter
"Seed of the Dogwood Tree" is a compelling tale that challenges the imagination and stimulates the thought process. You'll remember this book long after you've finished reading it.