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Carpe Deum Vernus

Amongst the newly budded flowers
Who taste the sun and drink the showers
I lay staring into endless skies
While breezes hum their lullabies

How short the fleeting spring days go
Awaken you will love them so
Deeply breathe the new fresh air
And wonder not why you are there

For soon the heat of summer nears
And showers flow like heated tears
Overgrown the fields become
The thorns and branches hurting some

So hearken to the call of spring
A youthful balance it will bring
With lustful thirst just drink it up
And never try to save the cup

Greg Cicio

Copyright ©2003 Greg Cicio


Fate Compli

Listless twilight time of life

where passion flames recede.

Fading water colored thoughts

of plans & hopes & deeds.

Bank the fire! Night approaches!

Slumber calls the deep.

Climb high the cluttered gentle dreams;

in them you find your sleep.


Greg Cicio

Copyright ©2003 Greg Cicio


My House My Home

Spackled memories desperately fill faint, familiar dreams

of the excitement of planning and the expectation of the future.

Untold feelings, become cement forms, creating a loosely connected foundation. 

Like the specter of structural scaffolding they support a vision of what would have been.

Houses built to withstand the storms of the world are found flooded from within. 

The rafters filled with the sounds of constant dripping.

Yet to the surprise of all, the house does stand and becomes a home. 

Within it for a season, dwell the blessed.

Greg Cicio

Copyright ©2003 Greg Cicio


Death of a Day

It arose upon me the colors of night as the sun it ceased to shine. 

T’was a reddish glow on dark blue sky, so wondrous and so fine.

The lights of land began to glow to welcome darkest night.  

The sun was gone, it bowed its head and lost its warming light.

We wave farewell, a day has died, a memory shall be sustained. 

It lives no more, care not must we, for a night has been ordained.

Greg Cicio

Copyright ©2003 Greg Cicio


Stark Naked Under All Those Clothes

 © By Greg Cicio

 I couldn’t help but hear the rather boisterous woman sitting across the aisle from me as she spoke to the gentleman next to her.  “I’ve heard it said that it’s the clothes that make the man,” she commented as she continued talking to him.  The conversation dulled into background noise as I began to contemplate her statement.  If you want to agree or disagree with her cliché, you have to first decide what makes a person a person.  Is a person merely the sum total of ones perception of them, or their collection of desires, fears, aspirations and achievements?  Are we simply a rag, a bone and a hank of hair or is there something else; carefully tucked away in a place unseen by the naked eye?  Is there a soul or even a spirit that under all that physical stuff? 

 O.K., O.K. so you’ve thought about that before and, yes, I know that there is more dogma being bantered about, by the various peoples of religion, than there are flees on dogs.  I’m not talking about religion, belief systems or even socio-political constructs.  But what I’m talking about is you!  Who are you and where are you really?  Do you have a soul or a spirit or what ever you’d call that container that defines the essence of you?  You obviously don’t exist in your hand or leg and we are all aware that in the tragedy of death our physical body is still here but some how we aren’t.  Where are we then?  It is one thing to listen to all of the so-called experts and finally select an explanation that you can, somewhat, agree with, or at least live with, but it is another thing, entirely, to truly face the question on your own and decide for yourself. 

 Not many people are able to divest themselves of preconceived notions and get, figuratively speaking, naked before this question.  Can you? You would have to close the doors on all outside influences and center yourself on the question, “Where am I really?”  For example, do you believe that you were created by a higher power or were you the result of the compilation of haphazard events culminating into the personage of you?  Was there an intelligence that formulated a plan for creation and if so is there a purpose to said plan?  If there is a creator and a plan to creation, can you have a personal relationship with this creator, or must you first join a religious denomination? 

 The first thing I’d focus on is the concept of ”personal relationship”.  Relationships by their very nature are loosely constructed and played out across dynamic, unrehearsed moments resulting in special bonds.  Relationships like energy are flowing and changing while religion appears to freeze and duplicate select moments of relationship.  It appears to me, that religion uses these “Kodak moments” in the creator/created relationship in an effort to either relive the moment, or cause them to be lived by individuals who may have never experienced the relationship in the first place.  It seems as though religion snaps a photo of a moment in a relationship and seeks to pencil the rest of the world into that photo.  How could that be personal?  It becomes obvious to realize that a “personal relationship” with a creator must be personal, unique, dynamic and individually experienced.  If you want a relationship, you have to spend the time and the mind share on it.  You have to seek it out and then you have the right to expect a response.  I am not suggesting any particular response would be a religious experience; I think we’re past that at this point.  You should, though, expect a personal, unique, dynamic response that only you can truly experience.  It may not be exactly what you want or expect, as is the case in most relationships.  You can be sure, though, that unless you are willing to work at it, a relationship cannot occur.

 In the fictional book, “Seed of the Dogwood Tree” (Which is being published by American-Book Publishing.  Additional information can be found at a young aspiring archeologist Michael Sinclair goes on an amazing journey where he experiences many of the differences between religion and a relationship.  As he becomes privy to secrets, events, plans and the numerous other things done in the name of religion, he begins his own internal journey and ultimately settles on his own personal answer to “where he really is”.  The reader is invited to follow him on this adventure through a fascinating montage of religious fact and lore, history and legends, science and science fiction. These elements are blended into a compelling story of discovery, murder, intrigue, and secret societies. 

 I hope that you don’t conclude that I am suggesting that religion is inherently bad.  Perhaps it’s a ‘form follows function’ dilemma, religion being the form and relationship being the function.  Once you have the function in place then the form is essential to help you manage the function to its highest level.  What I am suggesting is that any road to discovery is best traveled and not depicted.  So do you think that it’s the clothing that makes the man?  Maybe the clothing does little more then to hide what is really underneath. 


Genetically Engineering Prophesy

© By Greg Cicio

 “More power Igor,” screams the doctor, as his assistant wrestles the huge rheostat sending high voltage electricity into the lifeless collection of body parts that lay carefully assembled on the operating table.  The mélange of glass and metal decorate the immense stone room, while beakers and flasks bubble with their colored liquid vibrating with the shaking room.  The excitement builds as the assistant covers his face with his forearm, shielding himself from the falling sparks.  Then in a moment where both unrelenting belief and human ingenuity climax with the excitement of first lust, the young doctor, overcome with emotion, exclaims, “It lives.”  

 This classic tale is nothing but an allegory to man’s unrelenting need to figure out how it works. That’s right, how ‘it’ works.  How everything and anything works, so man can understand how to disassemble and reassemble the elements of life until they are thoroughly understood.  Man has to figure out the mystery and perhaps even control creation itself. Imagine being a creator, like a god controlling and altering the future.  Bringing about the very prophesies of the past, causing the dawn of a new era or even destroying the world. Imagine having the knowledge to genetically engineer, from ancient materials, the actual person of Jesus of Nazareth.

 You may be surprised to learn that there actually was a rather well publicized effort to collect monies to pay the scientists to take materials from the Shroud of Turin for this purpose.  It was called the “Second Coming Project”.  Numerous people became both enamored with, frightened by, and down right enraged with the notion that man would even consider the idea of causing the return of Christ through cloning.   

 A quote from their web site reads, "The Second Coming Project is a not-for-profit organization devoted to bringing about the Second Coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, as prophesied in the Bible, in time for the 2,000th anniversary of his birth. Our intention is to clone Jesus, utilizing techniques pioneered at the Roslin Institute in Scotland, by taking an incorrupt cell from one of the many Holy Relics of Jesus' blood and body that are preserved in churches throughout the world, extracting its DNA, and inserting into an unfertilized human egg (oocyte), through the now-proven biological process called nuclear transfer. The fertilized egg, now the zygote of Jesus Christ, will be implanted into the womb of a young virginal woman (who has volunteered of her own accord), who will then bring the baby Jesus to term in a second Virgin Birth”

 In the fictional story, “Seed of the Dogwood Tree” Which is being published by American-Book Publishing later this year,  (Additional information can be found at a young scientist named Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair uses blood from a jar found with the original cross to clone and artificially impregnate her self.  While she expected that the birth would yield one result, it actually yields an entirely different outcome.  This is more than the result of the so-called “Jesus Project.”  It never actually yielded anything, other than the culmination of a pranksters dream and monies stolen for a false purpose. I bet you thought the only people that had made money with clones were the off brand PC manufacturers of the 80’s.  I wonder if you also realize that the notion of delivering a child who would be the ‘Second Coming’ is not new. 

 During the Merovingian era, organizations such as the Priory of Zion are said to have had access to the heavenly bloodline by virtue of a secret union between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  The legend suggests that Jesus didn’t actually die on the cross but was taken by His uncle Joseph of Arimethia to ancient England where He and Mary lived out their lives.  The Priory of Zion claimed to have been the protectors of the descendants of this secret family and that they placed these children within royal family households.  They were paid huge sums of money to provide these children to royal families to raise and breed with for the purpose of bringing forth the divine child.  Many of the royal children of European history are said to be descents of this bloodline.  Was this an incredible hoax or an ancient attempt at genetically engineering the fulfillment of a prophecy?  Either way, it surely denotes man’s ever-present quest to grab the grail and control his destiny.  To become the lord of his own destiny and out grow his dependences on parental figures or even a deity.  Whether by manipulating environment, distorting perception, sheer force, or plain old chicanery, the struggle continues for the elusive prize.  And what if man could control his own destiny?  What would he do with it?  Who would he help or whom might he hurt?  Would he become more benevolent, caring, supportive?  Would his newfound power result in a divine response or would this absolute power corrupt? 

 Like the passionate Dr. Frankenstein or over ambitious Dr. Sinclair this uncontrollable desire to scale the heights of human achievement can have many results.  It can give birth to a new dawn, move forward our entire species or maybe even result in the creation of the biblical ‘beast’ of Revelations. We will have to wait for the future to tell us what genetic engineering will yield. Perhaps it will even be a future that was prophesied in the past.