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Greg Cicio was born in Washington D.C. and raised in Brooklyn, NY, the son of a long line of entertainers whose collective accomplishments have included:

  •  Musical radio programs

     (Mom-Miriam Cicio/a.k.a.Toni Price)

  •  Participation in the creation of the American Guild of Variety Artists

     (Father-Phil Cicio/a.k.a. Phil Ott-Zu Fara)

  •  Participation in the creation of the "Little Symphony Orchestra of Washington

     D.C." which later became the National Symphony orchestra

     (Grandfather- Leon Dashoff)

As a descendant of Walt Whitman, (via Grandmother Charlotte Whitman) writing has always been in his blood.  Greg Cicio has written and co-produced the contemporary Christian music album “Desires of Kings” and has written numerous business/professional materials.  "Seed of the Dogwood" is his first novel.